See beyond…

Chema madoz

We need to see beyond…

I’m passionate about art and  artists that have that particular ironic sense of humor , who are capable to see beyond the common and the superficial, who like to play and have the hability to make us smile and dream.

Chema madoz

Percussion, Pere Jaume (the celebration of nature)

I love this life-size, cheese grater folding screen by Mona Hatoum.

Common objects that we  rarely pay attention to, become elements that unleash synergies and feelings. An ordinary grater, when  super-sized, becomes an evil and threatening screen on Mona Hatoum’s work. The viewer is forced to react: with precaution and unrest, as it can cut.

Welcome doormat made of pins, Mona Hatoum.

 “Made entirely from pins, this exquisite Minimalist object with its warm and humorous ‘Welcome’ message is undercut with a sense of the pain it would inflict on the human body if stepped on, or, in the manner of an Indian fakir, lain upon. As Hatoum has said of this work it is a material reflection of her experience as an outsider in Britain in the early 1980s and her attempts to ‘deal with an environment that I had experienced as hostile and intolerant’.”   via

Temptation and Burned by Pei-San Ng


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