Macro center supermarket : an ecologic-elegant-luxe feel

Photography by Ali Bekman

Finally some supermarkets are paying more attention  to the layout of their locations. Is the case of s Kuruçeşme Macro Center in Instambul, designed by  Autoban studio, who’s layout is closer to a leisure center than a typical supermarket where shopping is a boring and compulsory task.

I love the oak panelled columns, the grey geometric pattern on the walls  and the  dark hues cabinets , who perfectly background the gourmet products on display.  The combination of natural materials, geometric patterns and dark cabinets gives the space an  ecologic-elegant-luxe feel.

It’s a pity that we only see this kind of approach in gourmet shops.

Below you can read some FITCH thougths about the supermarket of the future:

Non-food products will be displayed in a ‘lifestyle area’ where consumers browse and shop in a more engaging and inspiring way. This is opposed to the current ‘fast track’ practice of shopping for non-food products in the same way as food products are sold, which is not very lifestyle-based.

The selling of fresh food within supermarkets will be a move back to our core, historic shopping habits – a future that resembles our past – where food is organic, local, fresh and delivered daily. One way in which this will be achieved is by introducing an in-store ‘farmers’ market’ where food can be displayed in a more natural, relaxing environment.

The selling of grocery within supermarkets will become eco-responsible by focusing on products not packaging. The design challenge here is to display products in such a way that makes the merchandise display as appealing as the old packaged products. This can be achieved through:

  • ‘Depackaging’ – getting rid of unnecessary wrapping and focus on the products. Refill sections, for instance, would be as inspiring as the packaging once was.
  • Branded areas – as retailers remove packaging from the brands they will need to create departments for them e.g. The Kellogg’s merchandising display, the Persil merchandising display etc.”

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