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New vision of the Loft


Hi! This is a contest we did some months ago entitled ” New vision of the loft”. We decided to place the loft in a warehouse. They are so many warehouses  in our cities and they are such  interesting and inspiring spaces…

Warehouses, once located in the outskirts of the cities have been absorved and became part of the urban tissue. Their high ceilings and column-free structures turn them into appealing and inviting places that allow generous spatial solutions



“Warehouse loft is a sustainable home-studio loft where barriers between indoor and outdoor spaces are erased, where nature is part of the inhabitants life, achiving an idealistic balance.

Roof windows and exterior courtyards instantly transform the home-studio into an open air pavilion, filling it with delightful natural light and fresh air.

“Warehouse-lofts” are environmentally friendly as they reutlize the pre-existant structure and materials into new uses and purposes.

Trendy and unconventional, warehouses can be converted into a multi-purpose place (a workplace, a house, a showroom, or a healthy playground for friends and family), a space without limits.


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