Hermes window display


The other day walking by Paseo da Gracia I  I saw Hermes inspiring window display designed by the spanish artist Pamen Pereira. In this beautiful window display  a flock of swallows  leave a  bag and show us  differentt objects like  shoes, bracelets, wallets, clothes, photographs, picture frames, games …We want it all! Wright?

El otro dia caminado por Paseo da Gracia me encontré con este escaparate inspirador de la artista española  Pamen Pereira para Hermes. En este encantador escaparate una bandada de golondrinas salen de un bolso de donde sacan y nos muestran objetos todo lo variado que queramos, zapatos, pulseras, carteras, ropa, fotos, portarretratos, juegos … Lo queremos todo! Cierto?


I found some more pics at Panema Pereira website:

Incredible pics from inside:

The façade:


2 thoughts on “Hermes window display

    • Hi Elly! Did you live in Barcelona? I live just in the parallel to Paseo da Gracia ( Rambla Catalunya). The perfect spot to get inspired by the window displays. 🙂

      Know I’ll go to CASADECOR Barcelona 2012..very close to paseo da Gracia. Tomorrow I’ll put some pics.

      By the way…I want to tell you that you are the only blogger that I follow daily, I really appreciate your work!

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