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Cildo Meireles – the artist

Cildo Meireles is now preparing an exhibition in Serralves, The Museum of Contemporary Art of Porto.

Cildo has always been one of my  favorite contemporary artists.  I’m so happy that I had the opportunity to have lunch with him and be around him while he was mounting the exhibition.



Olvido, 1987-89

Indian teepee made of 6,000 banknotes from all the American countries, erected over three tons of bones and installed in the center of a circle formed by 69,300 candles



20,050 wooden eggs lies beneath a ceiling of 76,150 bullets

For me his work is so so inspiring. The first work I met was Insertions Into Ideological Circuits (the Coca-Cola bottles ). He managed to reach a wide audience printing messages onto the bottles, avoiding censorship. I specially like the one that  says ” Yankes go home”. Love the irony of writing such sentence  in one of the most powerful symbols of the United States- the Coca-Cola.

“As the bottle progressively empties of dark brown liquid, the statement printed in white letters on a transparent label adhering to its side becomes increasingly invisible, only to reappear when the bottle is refilled for recirculation. “


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