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Visual illusions by Leandro Erlich

At first glance it looks like people are hanging out of windows and clambering up the façade of a Victor house, you feel confused…  Have people developed super powers?
And then you ask? How can a person be in two perpendicular plans?
And then you start do understand….
Dalston House by Leandro Erlich is a temporary installation, built for the London Festival of Architecture 2013  ,  a reconstructed house facade lying face-up and a mirror positioned over it at a 45-degree angle.

As a person walks over the surface of the house, the mirror reflects their image and creates the illusion that they are walking up the walls. Similarly, visitors can make it look like they are balancing over the cornices or dangling from the windows.


WOW! I love it….  what stunning piece of art! That’s what I love about art; its capacity to  challenge perception,  to give us new ways of seeing,  to make us think  “outside the box”.   Can we rely on our senses? Early Philosophers like Parmenides and Zeno thought we couldn’t…

images via dezeen


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