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Light /space/perception in Roden Crater

roden crater_iispaces

I’m totally overwhelmed my James Turrell work on light, space and perception!

Turrell’s work involves explorations in light and space that speak to viewers without words, impacting the eye, body, and mind to heighten awareness.

He  acquired the 400,000-year-old, 3-mile-wide (4.8 km) crater’s land of the volcano Roden in Arizona to install an unprecedented artistic project,  open-air installations, meeting between sky and earth. Since 1972 James Turrell has been transforming the “Roden Crater” into a monumental work of art; a massive naked-eye observatory, designed specifically for the viewing and experiencing sky-light, solar, and celestial phenomena.


Watch the video explaining this massive work of art! I hope I can be “immerse” by it one day:


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